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Indian Henna & Hawaiian Lei Workshop


A floral LEI says “I care about you. It’s a personal expression of love, kindness and appreciation in Hawaii. Learn to make a unique gift for a friend or family member. It’s a gift of ALOHA.


HENNA, an Indian tattoo that stays temporarily on your skin but permanently in your heart. Simple but beautiful; it's a gift of MINT for you


Date:  25/7/2015

Time:  2:30 - 5:00 p.m.

Venue:  Aloha Learning Centre, Unit 1D, 32 Tsut Tse Mui Road, North Point

Price:  $120 for one person; $100 for two or more (All materials included)

Language:  Cantonese and English




Each team will show the culture they are representing to other students through distinctive costumes, accessories, parade cheers, cultural-oriented behavior, leaflets etc. Dancing and singing are recommended.  The culture presented must be foreign to most of the team members.  All Parade proposals are subject to approval of Project Aloha Team.


Students watching the parade will be asked to take photos with the participants and express their appreciation of the culture presented.  Parade Team members can also invite students to like the Project Aloha Facebook Page to support their teams and to learn more about the culture.  Team members are encouraged to prepare special small gifts or leaflets for promotion.


There will be a maximum of five members in each team. Parade Team members will be invited to join workshops on 5/3 (Thur) and 6/3 (Fri) on culture and event management and invited to perform a Hawaiian dance at the Talent Show (27/3) as an example of culture integration on campus.


Allowance   $1,000 per team for reimbursement of expenses

Grand International Parade

Date   :  23 March, 2015

Time  :  13:00 -14:00

Venue:  University Street


Cultural Appreciation Talent Show

Date   :  27 March, 2015

Time  :  19:00 -21:00

Venue:  Chong Yuet Ming Physics Building CYPP4,

               HKU Campus



Students, including local and non-locals, are invited to form multi-cultural teams to create a talent show no longer than 10 minutes on a culture.  The culture presented must be foreign to most of the team members.  The talent show will be held on a stage on campus.


The talent show will be based on cultural integration where participants had to demonstrate an effective cross-over of different cultures to the spectators.  Both individual performers and teams are welcome.  Performers from student societies, faculties associations or other bodies are also welcome.  There is no restriction on the type of performance.  Singing, dancing, dramas and musicals are some examples.


Both individuals and team applicants are welcome.  Applicants are required to submit the application  by 11/3 (Wed) and successful applicants will have to attend a semi-final on 13/3(Fri).  Also, teams will be invited to join workshops on 5/3 (Thur) and 6/3 (Fri) on culture and event management.


The performing teams are selected in three stages.  At the first stage, teams will be selected to enter the semi-final based on the written description of the proposed Talent Show on the application form.    


At the second stage, which is the semi-final, teams will be asked to perform an abbreviated 5-minute show on 13/3(Fri).  Immediate feedback will be given by judges to help teams improve and better prepare for the final stage (Talent Show).


At the final stage, the performances will be assessed by our judges and outstanding performers will be awarded grand prizes worth a total of $10,000.


Judging Criteria

1. Overall Performance

2. Originality and Innovation

3. Degree of cultural Integration

4. Stage Appearance

5. Content

6. Entertainment

Background Music

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